Car 36 – 2006 Mustang 4.0 Litre V6

I’ve been the proud owner of this Mustang since Aug 2012 although it was originally imported into the UK in 2008. The shape, colour and style were the main reasons that drew me to the Mustang and it is similar to the Mustang from the post-apocalyptic film ‘I Am Legend’. The Mustang is as I bought in 2012, I haven’t felt the be need to change anything, it looks just right as is.

When people see the car for the first time, they usually just say ‘wow’ and more often than not they want to sit in the drivers seat. People love the interior of the car as well as the exterior and enjoy the ride being on the right hand side as a passenger. When i’m chauffeuring for a wedding and we pull up to the venue it’s great seeing people’s faces and hearing their reaction‎ seeing the bride or groom step out of the car.

The questions that people ask the most about the Mustang are ‘how many miles to the gallon does it do’ – the honest answer is I don’t know, I’ve never worked it out!


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